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Your Dental Health Resource Magazine is a comprehensive resource for individuals looking for information on topics related to promoting and maintaining a healthy smile. Our dental articles are written by both dentists and experienced authors who bring a wealth of information, experience and insight.

Our Magazine covers common dental health questions, new dental products, dental treatments, advances cosmetic dentistry as well as topics related to making the dental care you need and deserve affordable.

Meet Our Team

Meagan Murray – Editor

Maegan is an avid blogger and a published writer in her own right. She enjoys the creative aspect of her editorial role and works to ensure that the mission of our site is upheld and furthered by unique, engaging and interesting articles.

Email: maegan(at)yourdentalhealthresource.com

Maegan Murray

Rob Gazzola – Editor

Rob has been both personally (his wife is a dentist) and professionally involved in dentistry for many years. He brings a wealth of knowledge in terms of dentistry and in related article writing, and enjoys wearing his editorial cap here with our team very much.

Email – rob(at)yourdentalhealthresource.com

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If you would like to write articles for Your Dental Health Resource Magazine, please submit your dental articles here, we will be glad to review them.

The entire editorial team hopes that the resources you find on Your Dental Health Resource Magazine will promote good oral health and enable you to achieve the smile you want.

Expanded Editorial Team

Featured members of our expanded dentist editorial review team, who we would like to thank for their donation of time and content, include:

Dr. Nhien Lu of Alexandria Dental Care

Dr. Karan Kamboh of Lansdowne Dental Associates