Are Dentures Only for Older People?

Dentures are replacements for your natural teeth that are budget-friendly, easy to use, and
help you have a natural smile again. They also help you to speak and chew properly when
you’re missing some or all of your natural teeth.

Although dentures tend to be common among older people, the truth is that dentures are an
effective tooth replacement for just about anyone. Here’s why.

Dentures Complete Your Smile

Dentures are for people of all ages. Whether you’re missing one tooth or your entire set of
natural teeth, dentures allow people to enjoy their smile again. There’s no age limit for
dentures—a simple consultation with your dentist can let you know if you qualify and what
your options for dentures are.

Full or partial dentures allow you to complete your smile regardless of your age. No one should
have to go through life without a set of teeth to help them chew, speak, and smile with
confidence. Dentures are for anyone who’s missing teeth and wants an effective replacement
for them.

Choose Full or Partial Dentures

You have options when it comes to dentures. People of all ages can quality for full or partial
dentures. Full dentures allow you to replace an entire row or both rows of teeth. This means
your dentist will help you construct your perfect smile, from tooth shape to color to size.
Matching your natural teeth is ideal with partial dentures. These dentures allow patients to
replace one or a few missing teeth without any invasive procedures. Partial dentures clasp
around your neighboring teeth to provide you with a subtle yet effective replacement to your
missing natural teeth!

How to Care for Your Dentures

Just like your natural teeth and just like any form of tooth replacement, your dentures will need
to be cared for.

Since dentures can be fragile, keeping them in a case during the night when not in use can help
you protect them from falls and breaks. If your dentures break, they’ll need to be repaired or
replaced before you can use them again. Dentures also need to be cleaned every day. Whether
you choose to brush them or also store them in a solution, dentures do their best when
properly cleaned!

Many patients also don’t know that dentures will need to be replaced every so often. In fact,
every five years is about the average amount of time that your dentures will need to be
replaced. This is because changes in your jawbone from your missing teeth will cause the
dentures to fit differently, so an adjustment will be required.

Are you considering dentures to replace your natural missing teeth? Don’t wait to talk to your
dentist about these effective tooth replacements. Full or partial dentures can help restore your
confidence in your smile and keep you looking young regardless of your age.

Missing teeth can make you appear older— but dentures can help. Schedule an appointment
with your dentist to talk about replacing your teeth with dentures and if they could be the best
option for you!

Are Dentures Only for Older People?
Article Name
Are Dentures Only for Older People?
Dentures are replacements for your natural teeth that are budget-friendly, easy to use, and help you have a natural smile again. Learn more with Dr. Thomas Bucker!