The Battle of the Toothbrushes


When searching for a toothbrush, be sure to pay attention to the size. The toothbrush head should be large enough to spread its bristles to the far corners of the mouth, but small enough to actually reach those far corners. If the toothbrush is too large, it won’t reach small spaces that often house bacteria. Without the ability to reach these corners, your next teeth cleaning may be a bit rough. In addition, be sure that the handle of the toothbrush is long enough for a comfortable hold.

Bristles can also have a large effect on toothbrush quality. Bristles that are too abrasive will often scrape the gums aggressively and even make you bleed. However, if they are too soft they may not properly scrape away the plaque buildup that you are attempting to eliminate. Look for a toothbrush that is just soft enough to be a comfortable, safe choice while still remaining tough acting. Round bristles also offer extra protection. Bristles fight to eliminate stains on teeth and help assist in the efforts of teeth whitening provided by your dentist.

Be sure that the toothbrush you use has an American Dental Association, or ADA, seal of acceptance. This seal will serve as proof that the toothbrush has been scientifically tested and proven to be both safe and effective for consumers. Guidelines for toothbrushes are examined, and they are then determined to be made of safe products, that the bristles are free of sharp and jagged edges, and that the bristles will not fall out with normal, every day use. Searching for this seal will save you time and money when toothbrush shopping, guaranteeing you receive a brush that will be powerful and true to its word.

When it comes to manual versus powered toothbrushes, both are effective; it simply depends on which brush works best for you. Some people prefer the manual motion while others look forward to the electric tool. Some children find electric toothbrushes “fun” and therefore look forward to tooth brushing time. Determining which you prefer is an important step in making sure that you use twice a day to properly clean the surfaces of your teeth.

You (hopefully) see your toothbrush every day, but perhaps it is time to put a little bit more thought into it! Next time you brush your teeth, ask yourself if you are properly reaching the far corners of your mouth and if the experience is comfortable. If brushing your teeth seems a little dull, maybe an electric toothbrush is just what you need for some extra excitement. If you feel more inspired, do a quick search to be certain that your toothbrush is ADA certified and safe to use. Recognizing the importance of a great toothbrush is pivotal to maintaining the glowing, healthy smile you deserve.

The Battle of the Toothbrushes
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The Battle of the Toothbrushes
You are used to your dentist reminding you to brush and floss regularly- you've been hearing those words from dentists and parents alike since you were a child. After all, they are the keys to a happy, healthy mouth. But which toothbrushes reign supreme when it comes to battling plaque, harmful bacteria, and gum disease?