Choosing the Chewing Gum That’s Best for Your Smile


Before sugarless gum came along, gum was placed in a category like many other sweets—one that was considered bad for your teeth! These days, there are many sugar-free options available of your favorite treats, including chewing gum. Did you know that gum actually has some pretty impressive benefits for your smile? Before picking up a pack, though, know which ones are the best. Here’s how you can make the best gum selection and have some fresh breath while you’re at it!

Always Choose Sugar-Free

There are a huge variety of sugar-free gums. Make sure you read the label, as not all gums are created equal. Some gums may still contain sugar, so it’s always best to check. Chewing gum that’s loaded with sugar is basically like sucking on candy, exposing your mouth to acidity and raising your risk for enamel damage and tooth decay.

When you chew sugar-free gum, you increase your saliva production, which actually helps to combat bad bacteria and balance the pH of your mouth. This lowers your chances for having tooth decay in the future. Stimulating saliva flow also makes it more difficult for plaque to stick to your teeth, so you have less plaque and more shine!

Xylitol Is Your Best Pick

Of all the sugar-free sweeteners out there, xylitol takes home the trophy for being the best one for your smile. Why is this? Xylitol has been proven to be a cavity-fighter as it helps neutralize bad bacteria and keeps plaque away. Xylitol has also been found to help improve your enamel, and may even help repair damaged enamel!

Xylitol also packs another punch—it’s more alkaline than other sugar-free substitutes. This means less acidity for your mouth and a more neutral pH. This further helps to balance bacteria and keep your smile healthy and fresh. When choosing sugar-free chewing gum at the store, look for ones sweetened with xylitol for the most benefits.

Don’t Use as a Brushing Replacement

As popular as chewing gum is and as many benefits as sugar-free gum has for your smile, you should never chew gum in place of brushing. Although sugarless gum can help keep bacteria from sticking to teeth and ruining your smile, you still need to brush and floss every day to manually remove plaque and keep your teeth healthy.

You can chew gum between meals or after meals for fresher breath. If you’re running late one morning, chewing on gum with xylitol can help freshen your breath and cut down on plaque growth throughout the day. Never make this a regular habit and use only for emergencies! Brushing and flossing are essential practices for a healthy, strong smile along with dental checkups.

Keep sugar-free gum sweetened with xylitol at the top of your list when it comes to the best chewing gum for your smile. This gum can help prevent cavity formation, restore proper mouth pH, and keep bacteria from attacking your tooth enamel. Chewing gum can be helpful when it comes to your teeth!

Article Name
Choosing the Chewing Gum That’s Best for Your Smile
Before picking up a pack, know which ones are the best. Here’s how you can make the best gum selection and have some fresh breath while you’re at it!


Quoc Lu
Quoc Lu

Dr. Lu is highly trained in the latest orthodontic techniques and treatments for pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients. He is a specialist in Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, traditional and self-ligating bracket systems and high-technology wires and appliances. Dr. Lu is currently a leading orthodontist at First Impression Orthodontics in Alexandria, VA.

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