Crowded Teeth Affect More Than Your Appearance

Do you have a misaligned bite or crowded teeth? Chances are that your teeth have impacted your self esteem, your smile, and your dental health. Did you know that crowded teeth can actually cause dental health problems due to their structure? They affect more than just the appearance your teeth. How do crowded teeth impact your dental health?

Create Room for Bacteria

Your crowded teeth might not leave much room in your mouth, but what they are doing is creating room for bacteria to grow. This is because crowded teeth feature tight spaces that can be difficult—if not impossible—to clean with a toothbrush and some floss. It’s often challenging to clean crowded teeth because of the tight spaces they create in the mouth. When you can’t properly clean between teeth, bacteria feed plaque which can build up and eventually cause tooth decay or gum disease. When you can’t properly clean your teeth, bacteria can grow and cause oral health problems!

Abnormal Tooth Wear

Crowded teeth often come with a bite misalignment, which means that your teeth don’t fit together properly when you close your mouth or chew. If the teeth aren’t fitting together as they should, abnormal wear can happen to your teeth over time. The surfaces of your teeth can be worn down, exposing your dentin, which can lead to sensitive teeth and eventually problems with your tooth’s nerve as well as your gums. You may also be more at risk for grinding your teeth because of crowded or misaligned teeth, which causes excessive pressure and wear on your smile that can be damaging for life. How can you prevent crowded teeth from affecting your smile?

Steps to a Great Smile

Generally dental treatment is needed for your crowded teeth to make space for you to clean, properly chew, and have a beautiful correct bite. Your dental specializes in helping people create their dream smile. Your dream smile is more than just pretty teeth—your jaw and teeth should be entirely functional. Oftentimes people with crowded teeth experience problems speaking or chewing as well as a result of the misaligned bite or teeth.

When your crowded teeth are corrected, your teeth will be easier to clean, therefore allowing you to take control of your dental health and better brush and floss your teeth. This means preventing tooth decay and gum disease in addition to not putting extra stress or pressure on your teeth due to an improper bite. Your teeth will also be more functional for you and provide you with the confidence and functionality of a life with a healthy smile!

If you never got the opportunity to take advantage of care for your crowded teeth, it’s never too late to start. Your teeth last a lifetime, and you can experience a functional, healthy smile by correcting your crowded teeth. Reduce your risk for gum disease and tooth decay due to your crowded teeth—visit your dentist to begin your journey to a healthy smile today!