Dental Technology: Revolutionizing Tooth Replacement

The evolution of dental technology over recent years has been notable and life changing. Whereas previous decades have suffered the need of dentures and noticeable gaps in teeth, new technology has revolutionized tooth replacement by creating dental implants for patients in search of the perfect smile. The popularity of implants has grown rapidly within the last few years. As dentists begin offering more options, patients see that they can have the bright smile they have dreamed of without the pain or discomfort they fear.

As we become more familiar with dental implants in our offices, we become more efficient in giving you the smile you’ve dreamed of. Whereas previous technology has taken up to six months to deliver, our new processes have patients finished and smiling in a matter of weeks. The living tissue of the bone in the jaw is used as a base for dental implants, allowing the natural structure of the mouth to be used as much as possible without relying on plastic or porcelain.

Bone replacement has also evolved notably in the world of dentistry. For example, dentists are now able to assist in bone restructuring with synthetic bone made of freeze-dried materials or cadaver bone.

Some dentists can have procedures completed in only a few short hours, allowing the patient to leave the office with their fabulous new smile immediately. Computerized technology is a powerful new tool that makes this possible. Dentists use software to look into the mouth and determine location of bones and where the implants will be placed before actual implantation. This makes the process not only faster but more precise. Another advancement is a Caries-Detector Dye placed on the teeth to determine teeth are healthy before the implants are placed.

Dental implants and other new technologies have paved the way for exceptional smiles in half the time. Dreams of perfectly aligned, white teeth no longer have to be hypothetical desires, but instead are a reality. Bone replacement and implants make it possible to fight genetics and make room for a new you without the years of tedious dental work. Ask your dentist about dental implants today!