Editorial Board & Review Policy

Thanks for your interest in becoming a guest writer. We’d love to hear from you — but first, check out our guidelines for submission.

Your Dental Health Resource only accepts original articles that speak to specific and informative aspects of dental health. We won’t republish content, or close variations of that content, that has already been posted or published elsewhere. It is also required that each author make sure data sources, quotations and external content are properly cited in their submissions.

We will not accept any content that, in our opinion, that is written solely for link-building schemes, pure self-promotion, or content that is offensive, inaccurate or overly critical.

The dental health related topics should focus on specific aspects of conditions, treatments, products, etc., rather than general topics like, ‘Top 3 things you can do for a bright smile.’ Those topics will not be accepted. Write content that readers will find of interest and share something informative and unique.

Editorial Content Review Board

Certain members of our dental professionals volunteer their time and effort to participate in our editorial review board, which reviews content and relevant topics related to oral health and advancements in dentistry that would be of value and interest to our readers. Board members include:

Editorial Board Chairperson: Term 2022 – 2023

Dr. Gerald Marlin of Elite Prosthetic Dentistry

Board Members:

Dr. Omar Sattout of Laguna Pavillion Dental

Dr. Karan Kamboh of Lansdowne Dental Associates

Dr. Samir Alaswad of Orangevale Dental

Dr. Quoc Lu of First Impression Orthodontics

Dr. Kime Whitman of Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Ahmed Uthman of Potomac Family Dental

Dr. Mohammad Shariful Aman of L. Premier Dental

Dr. Sowmya Kanumilli of Aldie Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. George Talmazov of Elite Prosthetic Dentistry