Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth


Calcium is as important for teeth as it is for bones. When we eat and drink, acids wash away minerals in our teeth, and this weakens the enamel. Foods that are rich in calcium, such as milk and cheese, are great choices for protecting this enamel and keeping it strong by stimulating saliva flow in the mouth. Along with calcium, phosphorus in foods like chicken and other meats helps to redeposit minerals that have been washed away. Nuts are another good choice as a snack option for healthy teeth. Peanuts and almonds are high in calcium while cashews help to stimulate saliva and even clean the teeth.

Fruits that are firm and have high water content, such as pears and apples, help stimulate the flow of saliva and wash away lingering food particles. The high water content of these fruits even counters the negative effects of sugars that the fruits contain. Citrus fruits contain high amounts of acid which may damage your teeth, but are fine if eaten in moderation- even offering a healthy dose of Vitamin C to gums! Firm vegetables, such as raw carrots, are also known to stimulate saliva flow while leafy green vegetables offer a high amount of Vitamin B. Both work together to promote a healthy mouth and gums.

Enjoy a hot cup of tea with your meals if you really want to help your teeth. Green and black teas contain compounds called polyphenols that help fight off bacteria and other causes of plaque.These polyphenols either kill or suppress bacteria, preventing them from building harmful acids in the mouth.

Enjoying a healthy meal is not only great for maintaining a balanced diet and ingesting necessary vitamins and minerals. It’s time to eat with your teeth in mind! Eat consciously to promote a healthy, glowing smile. Your teeth will thank you.

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth
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Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth
Most of us are aware of the fact that certain foods are not good for our teeth, but what about the foods that offer some good? Fortunately, there are quite a few delicious foods that can help to strengthen your teeth and even help to prevent tooth decay.