How to Promote Healthy Dental Habits for Your Children

Getting your kids to adopt healthy dental habits is crucial to having a strong smile for life! The habits you teach your kids now will follow them into adulthood. Having your kids brush and floss for healthy teeth and gums will help them learn how important it is to care for their smile. Starting your kids off right shouldn’t feel like a chore—here’s how you can easily promote smart dental habits in your children!

Start Early

The earlier you get your children used to oral care, the more readily they’ll accept this habit. You can begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they have teeth. Prior to this, wiping their mouth with a clean cloth will suffice. And you can begin flossing as soon as your child has two teeth that touch. These habits will get your little one used to care before they’re able to do it themselves!

Have them Teach a Sibling

Many kids love teaching other kids how to do things. After your oldest has learned how to properly brush their teeth, have them show their little brother or sister. This will encourage them both to brush their teeth, floss, and show their healthy smiles to mom and dad before school or bedtime!

Make Brushing Time Fun

If your child is resistant to brushing, you have lots of options for making this time more creative and fun. Here’s how you can teach your child that brushing doesn’t have to feel boring or unnecessary!

 Listen to a two-minute song. Encouraging kids to brush for at least two minutes can feel like an eternity, depending on how young your child is. To make the time go by, listen to a favorite song that’s about two minutes and brush together the entire time!

 Use a reward system. In the event that brushing is a really trying time in your house, try a reward system. Create a chart and give your kids stickers or tokens every time they brush their teeth and floss. When the tokens add up, they get a prize!

 Consider apps to track progress. There are many apps that can help your kids see just how well they’re doing with their oral care. There are even toothbrushes that you can sync with your phone that shows you where you’re missing spots!

Be Familiar with the Family Dentist

Trust your kids to brush well, but always check their progress. An important part of doing this is through regular checkups with your family dentist. The earlier your kids see the dentist, the more comfortable they’ll be when they go for checkups. They’ll learn the dentist is friendly and fun, not scary and painful. Your dentist can also assess your child’s oral health and tell you what needs to improve as well as what he or she is doing well.

Teaching your kids about how important oral health is can feel like a long process. Start early to help ease the transition into self care. Have them teach their little brother or sister how to brush their teeth. Make brushing time fun when things get tough and as always, visit your dentist to ensure your child’s smile is as healthy as possible!