Prevent Root Canal Infections with These Simple Tips


A root canal is the area in your tooth’s root where nerves and other connective tissue reside. When you experience dental health problems such as tooth decay, bacteria are able to enter your tooth and cause infection in the tooth’s root canal. When this happens, the bacteria attack the pulp and you often need a root canal procedure done to remove the infected pulp and prevent further damage to your tooth. Preventing root canal infections is easier than you think. Follow these simple tips to keep your tooth’s root strong and healthy!


Tooth decay provides an ideal opportunity for bacteria to access your inner tooth. This often happens through cavities, which are literally holes in your teeth. They often form in the center of the top of your tooth and can quickly lead to bacteria entering your root canal and creating an infection. You can prevent tooth decay by brushing regularly every day; two times a day is ideal. Some dentists recommend brushing after every meal. If you do eat sugary foods or drinks and can’t brush afterwards, try to rinse your mouth with water so the sugar isn’t sitting on your teeth causing damage. Remember that proper brushing is more beneficial than harder brushing, which can further damage your enamel over time.


Flossing enables us to get at those tight spaces in between our teeth that are impossible for toothbrushes to reach. Pieces of food as well as tiny food particles can get trapped here and cause growth of bacteria and eventually contribute to tooth decay. Flossing is easy and can be done once a day either during one of your brushing sessions or in between sessions. Just remember to floss with the proper stuff—objects like toothpicks or even pencils are not designed to do the same job that floss does and can even harm your teeth and gums. There are many different flossing instruments out there—from water picks to flossers, your flossing routine is easier than ever. Prevent plaque, bacteria, and tooth decay by flossing once a day.

Eat Well

Our diets affect much of the damage in our mouth, especially when it comes to tooth decay and root canal infections. Many foods contain added sugar, and we’re unknowingly consuming around 20 teaspoons of sugar every day! Cut down on processed foods and stick to healthy snacks such as apples and carrots. You can make them fun by bringing along natural peanut butter for your apple and hummus for your carrots! Drink water whenever possible instead of juices or sodas. It’s important to stay hydrated as well—having a dry mouth can further contribute to tooth decay, which can lead to root canal infections.

Preventing tooth decay is vital to preventing root canal infections. Tooth decay happens over time and people of any age can be at risk. To keep your tooth’s root canal tissue healthy, simply keep up with your oral health. Brush and floss regularly, eat well, and schedule visits to your dentist every six months. Painful root canal infections can be prevented with these simple tips!

Prevent Root Canal Infections with These Simple Tips
Article Name
Prevent Root Canal Infections with These Simple Tips
Preventing root canal infections is easier than you think. Follow these simple tips to keep your tooth’s root strong and healthy!


Dr. Richard Pollock
Dr. Richard Pollock

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