What results can orthodontic braces deliver for my child’s smile? See for yourself…


Parents often have an indication pretty early on whether their children will need braces. Indicators such as crowed teeth, spacing and overbite can be visible for children at an early stage.These indicators for needing braces can develop over time by mouth breathing, oral habits like thumb sucking, dental disease, abnormal swallowing, poor dental hygiene, the early or late loss of baby teeth, accidents or poor nutrition.   Trauma and other medical conditions such as birth defects may contribute to orthodontic problems as well.

Orthodontists are trained to spot subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while some baby teeth are still present.  The advantage for patients of early detection of orthodontic problems is that some problems may be easier to correct if they are found and treated early.

But what are realistic expectations for smile correction? Parents often ask about the lasting impact for their child’s smile, and what can they expect to see?

While the aspects and severity of individual cases can determine the length and success rate for orthodontic treatment, the end result can be dramatic and often can exceed expectations.

But seeing is believing, so view this time lapse video from the American Association of Orthodontists to see firsthand what braces can do for a child’s smile.




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What results can orthodontic braces deliver for my child's smile? See for yourself...
See what orthodontic braces can do for your child's smile by viewing a time lapse video.


Navin Hukmani
Navin Hukmani

Dr. Navin Hukmani is a Northern Virginia orthodontist, providing comprehensive orthodontic care to both children and adults. For more information on Dr. Hukmani, visit www.lansdowneortho.com.

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