Tips for Choosing the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste for Your Child

Dental health is vital for quality of life. Since you want your children to have the best life possible, choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste for them is an important decision. Let’s consider a few of the most important considerations when it comes to pediatric oral care.

Let start by discussing bristle strength. It really isn’t good to use hard bristles even on an adult mouth. Children especially should always use a brush with soft bristles. It’s safer for their delicate gums (and yours too).

Be sure to get a brush that is small enough to fit comfortably in your child’s mouth. This may mean having to get one with a rounded head instead of a rectangular one. If brushing is uncomfortable, kids aren’t going to want to do it. Plus, they won’t be able to reach back teeth with a brush that doesn’t fit in there.

Replace your child’s toothbrush every few months. Even a great toothbrush is useless if it gets used too long. You can usually start to tell when the bristles are being worn down. There are plenty of fun designs available for kids so even when it is time to retire their favorite brush, there should be something equally exciting to replace it with.

When it comes to toothpaste, most companies focus on making ones for adults with specific needs such as whitening or anti gingivitis. Your children, on the other hand, really just need a toothpaste with a flavor that doesn’t keep them from wanting to brush.

[media-credit id=19 align=”alignleft” width=”190″]child toothbrush and toothpaste[/media-credit]One other thing to look out for is fluoride. While fluoride is harmful to people if swallowed, it is great for our teeth. Of course, it’s tough to get kids to always follow the rules about not swallowing toothpaste, so for little children you will want one with as little fluoride as possible. Some are as little as one tenth of one percent fluoride which is enough to benefit teeth without being a huge deal if your kid forgets to spit the toothpaste out on occasion. Other toothpastes can have as much as .6 percent fluoride which is perfect for older children and adults.

Just remember when you are helping your child to put toothpaste on their brush that they only need about the size of a pea. Having a tiny toothbrush will help to reinforce that not a lot of toothpaste is needed to get their little teeth clean.