What Is Laser Canker Sore Removal and Treatment?


If you’ve ever had a canker sore, you know how painful they can be. Canker sores are the result
of an autoimmune response by the body that affects the tissues in the mouth. They are often
related to stress, lack of sleep, or even certain foods, such as citrus fruits or spicy foods.
Typically, canker sores take a week or longer to heal on their own. While canker sores do not
require any type of treatment and will heal on their own eventually, they can be painful to live
with. Fortunately, trained dentists are now utilizing laser canker sore treatment, which will help
you feel better, faster!

How the Treatment Works

Your dentist will use a laser to effectively treat your canker sore. This works in a few different
ways—first, the laser will kill the virus particles that cause canker sores. Second, the laser helps
to dry your sore, enabling it to heal faster. Third, laser canker sore treatment helps to stop the
pain by sealing off nerve endings in the sore.

The procedure doesn’t require any injections or anesthesia. Although the laser won’t actually
touch your skin, it’s effective and very carefully controlled to treat your canker sore. Additional
treatment is usually not required and you’ll begin to feel better much faster!

What You Can Expect

If you opt to get laser canker sore removal, you can expect the process to last approximately 15
minutes. Many patients feel better immediately following their treatment. You can expect your
canker sore to heal in about 24 hours. Compare this to the 7-10 days your sore would normally
take to heal without treatment!

The procedure is prompt and painless. Your treatment may even help to lengthen the time
between breakouts of canker sores, so you’ll experience them less frequently. Your dentist will
explain the procedure before you receive any treatment, and you should feel comfortable and
pain-free throughout the entire process.

Benefits of Laser Canker Sore Removal

In the past, the only way to treat canker sores—besides just waiting for them to go away—was
to use topical ointments. Some doctors may have prescribed steroids or vitamin treatments,
which aggravated the problem for many people. In addition, most of these treatments took
days to work and didn’t provide much difference from letting the sore heal on its own.

Laser canker sore removal is not only easy and affordable, it may even be covered by your
dental insurance. This treatment is fast and provides instantaneous pain relief. Although you
can get your canker sore treated at any point, the best time to receive treatment is when your
sore still feels like it’s burning or tingling. This will help eliminate the problem faster and catch
the virus before your canker sore has a chance to fully develop.

The next time you have a canker sore, consider getting laser treatment to alleviate your pain
rather than waiting up to 10 days for the sore to heal. Laser canker sore removal can help you
heal faster and forget about that pain in your mouth before it has a chance to become

Article Name
What Is Laser Canker Sore Removal and Treatment?
The next time you have a canker sore, consider getting laser treatment to alleviate your pain rather than waiting up to 10 days for the sore to heal!


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Nhien Lu

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