When Are Mini Dental Implants the Best Option?

Mini dental implants are a modern alternative to traditional implants. While implants are a very attractive option for those missing teeth, mini dental implants can help those who may not be candidates for traditional implants. In this article, we will discuss who should consider mini dental implants.

The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

There are numerous benefits to mini dental implants. There is definitely an advantage of implants over dentures and other temporary procedures. Mini dental implants, however, are a much more cost-effective option than standard implants, and may also be a viable option for those who do not qualify for traditional implants.

Consider mini implants if you fall into any of these categories:

Low Bone Density – Whether the problem is caused by aging, health, or habits such as smoking, low bone density can cause your body to reject regular implants. As a result, most dentists will not perform the procedure due to a low rate of success. On the other hand, mini dental implants are placed into the tissue with a procedure that is minimally invasive. This means that bone density is not an issue.

Low Income – If you can’t afford dental implants, mini implants are a more cost-effective option. In fact, a mini dental implant will cost about half the price of a regular implant. Since insurance will usually only cover dentures and not implants, the cost is a major factor for consumers. Another cost factor to consider is that regular implants require multiple visits to the dentist while mini implants can be performed in one day.

Need Fast Results Mini dental implants can be put in place in one day. In contrast, regular implants require invasive surgery, and the patient needs weeks, perhaps months, to heal before the crowns can be screwed onto the implants. Mini dental implants do not require multiple visits and have a much faster recovery time since the process is non-invasive.

Of course, if money, time, and bone density are not a concern, regular implants provide a more durable option. The larger surface area of regular implants creates an even chewing surface, making it easier to chew and placing less stress on the implants. Mini dental implants, however, are a great alternative for those who cannot get regular implants for one reason or another. Mini implants are certainly superior to dentures that need to be glued in and may shift. For many, mini dental implants are the alternative solution they have been searching for.