When Should I Replace My Electric Toothbrush Head?

Many people feel their teeth receive a better cleaning when using an electric toothbrush. These
toothbrushes typically require a charging station and come with a replaceable head that’s easily
swapped out when needed.

But how often do you need to change your electric toothbrush head? Here’s how often you
should replace this essential part of your electric toothbrush and why it’s so important.

Every Three to Four Months

Surprise! Just like a regular toothbrush, approximately every three months is still the standard
for it to be swapped out. The benefit of having an electric toothbrush is that only the head
needs to be replaced, not the entire toothbrush.

Dentists recommend to change your toothbrush head every three or four months with regular
use, although there are certain circumstances under which your toothbrush head will need to
be changed sooner.

When Should I Replace It Sooner?

Your electric toothbrush head will need to be replaced sooner if you have tooth decay or gum
and have received treatment for it.

For example, if you’ve recently had a cavity filled or received a deep cleaning for gum disease,
your dentist may advise you to swap out your toothbrush head. This is important because the
bacteria that caused your tooth decay and gum disease may still be present on your
toothbrush, so switching it out for a new head can provide you with a clean start.

You may also choose to replace your toothbrush head sooner if you’ve been sick in an effort to
not re-introduce bacteria back into your body. And, of course, you should always replace your
electric toothbrush head if someone else used your toothbrush in order to not exchange

Why You Need to Change Your Electric Toothbrush Head

Changing your electric toothbrush head is important for several reasons. With regular use, the
bristles can become frayed or worn out, which can actually damage gum tissue and cause
bleeding or infection. Even if you can’t see the wear on your toothbrush, it’s still a good idea to
change the head as recommended, as the wear can’t always be seen.

Another reason to change your toothbrush head is because of bacteria build up, especially if
you’re not properly storing your toothbrush. Keeping your toothbrush in a moist, enclosed
environment such as a case, a medicine cabinet, or an area with poor air circulation can keep
your toothbrush moist between uses and encourage bacteria growth.

Ideally, you want to keep your toothbrush in well ventilated area where it can dry out between
uses to prevent bacteria growth and keep your smile healthy. Regardless, changing the head
every few months helps eliminate the risk of bacterial contamination!

You can make swapping out your electric toothbrush head easy by keeping a spare head
nearby. Many electric toothbrush starter kits come with at least one replacement head to get
you started. By replacing your electric toothbrush head every three to four months, you can
keep your brush effective at doing its job to keep your smile clean and healthy!