Athletes Can’t Afford to Ignore Their Oral Health

With the return of the school year and the fall bringing us the enjoyment of many different sports, the need for a mouthguard should not be ignored. A mouthguard will protect your teeth and mouth from injury during sports such as basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and even gymnastics and wrestling. No matter how great an athlete you are, all athletes are susceptible to mouth injuries and accidents. What are your mouthguard options to help protect your oral health?

Custom Dental Mouthguards

Custom dental mouthguards are your best protection against injury. This is because they are specifically made to fit your mouth. This includes shape and size in addition to any unique features of your mouth that will need to be taken into account with a mouthguard. A custom dental mouthguard can be constructed at your regular dentist’s office. Although this option is the more expensive option when it comes to mouthguards, the protection that it offers you or your child during sports is unparalleled. No other mouthguard will offer you the same level of protection that your unique mouth needs than a custom dental mouthguard.

ArmourBite Mouthguard

You may also have the option get an ArmourBite mouthguard at your dentist office. These mouthguards, while offered by Under Armour, will be customized at your dentist office. These mouthguards are created by having your dentist take an impression of your teeth, which is then sent to the lab to create your unique ArmourBite guard. You’ll get to choose your color and you can even get your name and number printed on the guard so that if you ever misplace it, it can be returned to you. These mouthguards help protect against teeth grinding during competitions and impacts to your jaw in contact sports. ArmourBite mouthguards come with a one-year warranty and take only ten days to be delivered to your door from the lab.

Benefits of Custom Mouthguards

The benefits of custom-fitted mouthguards include:

– Better quality material molded to fit only your mouth.

– The size will be perfect—no bulky store-bought mouthguards that make speaking and breathing difficult.

– Proper, custom fit effectively separates the upper and lower jaw so that any impact will be properly absorbed by the mouthguard instead of going to the teeth or head.

– Prevents teeth grinding.

– Custom-fitted mouthguards effectively reduce the risk of injury from concussions, jaw fractures, tooth loss, bruising to the face, and stress on the neck.

– Mouthguards that are custom are much more comfortable than standard ones, making you more likely to wear it.

When sports season comes in this fall, don’t let yourself or your children go unprotected—athletes can’t afford to ignore their oral health. Prevent injury, tooth fracture and loss, and perform optimally at your sport with a custom mouthguard this season.

Athletes Can't Afford to Ignore Their Oral Health
Article Name
Athletes Can't Afford to Ignore Their Oral Health
Prevent injury, tooth fracture and loss, and perform optimally at your sport with a custom mouthguard this season.