ClearCorrect for Straighter Smiles

The importance of having straight teeth cannot be overstated. First of all, straight teeth make it easier to chew, something that we all have to do multiple times each day. Second, many find that they have improved self-esteem when their teeth are straighter. Finally, our mouth is often the first thing others notice about us. Straight teeth make a better first impression. But perhaps you have no desire to get braces? Maybe that is because you have never heard of ClearCorrect, a revolution in the pursuit of straighter smiles.

What Is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a type of clear aligner that straightens teeth invisibly and without the use of metal braces. ClearCorrect is custom made for each patient. The aligners are clear and fit over your teeth invisibly. Teeth are gradually moved by these invisible and removable aligners.

Your teeth are scanned digitally, allowing a computer to create your unique aligner with precision. Over the course of the process, the aligner is swapped out for a new one several times. Because they are removable, you can take the aligner out when eating, drinking, and brushing. This allows you to eat, drink, and take care of your teeth normally. Other than that, you leave the aligner in at all times so it can work at gradually straightening your teeth.

What Are the Benefits of ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect offers many benefits over traditional metal braces. Consider the following:

– Eat Normally: Because you can remove the aligner when eating, there are no food restrictions. Braces usually require that you give up things such as popcorn, gum, and chewy foods like bagels and certain types of meat.

– Clean Teeth Properly: Removing the aligner for brushing and flossing lets you do a much better job of keeping your teeth clean. Metal braces interfere with this process, and sometimes problems can result.

– Aesthetic Value: Kids can sometimes be mean at school. Of course, most kids recognize the importance of braces and can get away with wearing them, even though they may need to put up with a few embarrassing nicknames. Adults, on the other hand, may not prefer to have their braces be as visible. Being invisible makes ClearCorrect a great choice for adults who want to fix their teeth. Plus, it can save kids who need dental correction the shame of being made fun of at school.

Consult with your dentist today to see if ClearCorrect is right for you!

ClearCorrect for Straighter Smiles
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ClearCorrect for Straighter Smiles
ClearCorrect is a revolution in the pursuit of straighter smiles. Consult with your dentist today to see if ClearCorrect clear aligners are right for you.