Does Laser Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth?

Teeth whitening is more popular today than it’s ever been. Everyone wants that gorgeous, white smile that everyone is talking about. Brightening your teeth with laser teeth whitening is bound to provide you with the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Laser teeth whitening happens at your dentist office and uses a bleaching solution that’s carefully applied to each tooth. Then, a special light (the laser) is used to speed up the process and provide you with a white smile in about an hour.

Does laser teeth whitening damage teeth at all? Here’s what you should know about the procedure.

Uses Low Heat Methods

When you take advantage of laser teeth whitening from brands such as Zoom, low heat methods are used to avoid damaging your teeth. The heat is needed to accelerate the whitening process but is low enough that it doesn’t damage your teeth. Heat also means the solution doesn’t stay on your teeth for longer than it needs to, therefore minimizing any side effects. Higher levels of heat can cause some patients discomfort after the procedure. Fortunately, Zoom is widely used by dentists and has been shown to be a safe, effective procedure for whitening teeth. A professional cleaning is recommended beforehand to remove surface stains and reveal your true smile. This way, your dentist will be better able to whiten your teeth completely and accurately remove stains.

Protective Measures for Your Smile

Laser teeth whitening is safe because your dentist will take protective measures for your smile before and during the procedure. Before the bleaching solution is applied, your lips, gums, and inner oral tissues are fully protected. Your dentist will do this by using rubber dams over your gum tissue and retractors for your cheeks.

Finding a dentist who’s experienced and skilled at teeth whitening can help. Proper protective measures and accurate application of the whitening solution can help perfect your smile. Keeping your teeth safe during the procedure is important to prevent any side effects from the procedure.

Side Effects

The good news is that the only side effect of Zoom laser teeth whitening is mild tooth
sensitivity, which normally resolves itself after a few days. Your dentist can talk with you about what to expect and how to treat it. Usually, de-sensitizing toothpaste can help in the first few days after the procedure.

Sensitivity does not occur in all patients. It’s important to have your smile evaluated for the laser whitening procedure before it happens. Your dentist will ensure your smile is healthy and able to tolerate the whitening beforehand. If you already have sensitive teeth, talk to your dentist about how you can get a white smile without increasing tooth sensitivity.

Zoom laser teeth whitening is the professional, safe way to whiten teeth. There’s no tooth damage done and any sensitivity that results typically goes away shortly. Your dentist will take every measure possible to protect your smile during the procedure to make your teeth a beautiful shade of white afterwards. Happy smiling!

Does Laser Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth?
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Does Laser Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth?
Does laser teeth whitening damage teeth at all? Here’s what you should know about the procedure! Article by Dr. Omar Sattout of Kettleman Dental.