The Facts on Full Arch Implant Dentures


Replacement options for teeth are more numerous today than ever. People who are edentulous, which means they have lost all of their teeth, at one time had only one option: removable dentures. Today, implants are available as a permanent tooth replacement option, but full implants are costly and cannot work for all people. New types of implants are continually being developed to give edentulous people more options for full mouth tooth replacement. One of the most exciting options available is full arch implant dentures. These are very natural-looking and comfortable fixed dentures that attach false teeth directly to your gums via implants.

To understand how full arch implant dentures work, it can be helpful to compare them to regular dentures or implant supported dentures. These types of dentures are called overdentures, because they are teeth and artificial gums together and are placed over your real gums. Full arch implants eliminate this extra bulk. After implants are placed in the gums, the arch of teeth is affixed directly onto the implants. The number of implants required for a full arch denture depends on the anatomy of the mouth and will be different for different people.

The implant procedure can take several weeks to complete. After the implants are placed, healing time of about two weeks is necessary before the dentures are attached. Temporary dentures may be worn during that time.

In order for implant dentures to work, you must have enough bone in your jaws to support them. Bone begins to deteriorate as soon as your natural teeth are gone, so people who have been without natural teeth for many years may not be able to get implants. If you are thinking about getting implants, the sooner you act, the more likely it will be that you can get them.

A dental exam can determine if you are a good candidate for implant dentures. You should also tell the dentist as much information as you can about your personal health and family health history. Some medical conditions, like diabetes, can decrease the chances of implants being successful. It is possible for the body to reject the implants, though the success rate of implants is 95% or higher.

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The Facts on Full Arch Implant Dentures
Full Arch Implant Dentures are very natural-looking and comfortable fixed dentures that attach false teeth directly to your gums via implants.


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Marcus Hoang

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