Make Your Child’s Braces Fun with WildSmiles

While some children are excited to get braces and can’t wait, there are others that dread this event in their life! While braces have come a long way from the traditional “metal mouth”, most braces typically look and feel the same. Some orthodontists offer colorful bands, some don’t. Some offer ceramic or clear braces, but no orthodontist offers what WildSmiles does!

Custom Bracket

WildSmiles offers an array of unique brackets for your child to choose from! The custom bracket is designed to work just like a regular bracket, except in comes in fun shapes that your child can choose from to customize their braces. They can work with any orthodontic treatment and are safe and comfortable. While traditional brackets are silver and square, WildSmiles offers brackets that come in shapes like hearts, stars, sports balls, diamonds, flowers, and footballs! With these custom creations,your child will be able to customize their experience with braces and choose the bracket that they feel fits their personality best. Children can even mix and match these creations—if they love flowers and football, why not get both! The custom brackets that WildSmiles offers helps children get more excited about having braces. Your kids will be able to boast of brackets that no one else has, and you’ll be able to mix and match them to be entirely custom for your child.

More Fun for Kids!

These custom brackets can be easily incorporated with the colorful bands that your orthodontist offers. With the combination of these special brackets and their personal colors, your child will feel truly unique with WildSmiles. WildSmiles custom brackets can be ordered and shipped to your orthodontist, so they can be there when your child first gets their braces on. While the experience of braces can be scary and a little painful for your child, you can help cheer them up and get them excited about braces with WildSmiles. The best part about WildSmiles’ stainless steel brackets is that they’re more comfortable than clear or ceramic brackets offered by orthodontists. They have a low-profile design that helps keep them comfortable in your child’s mouth while still being stylish and unique enough for them to want to show off their custom brackets. Kids can get excited about choosing their brackets and having a custom smile throughout their orthodontic treatment combined with the colors that your traditional orthodontist can place on the brackets.

Your child’s orthodontic treatment is important—both to you and to your child. Whether your child is already excited about braces or if they’re apprehensive about them, help get your child the custom treatment and smile they deserve with WildSmiles custom brackets!