The Best Foods to Eat with Your Brand-New Braces

Congratulations on getting braces! Whether you need a few tweaks or are in for a few years of treatment, braces are an excellent option for kids and adults alike to correct dental problems. Having the proper bite and straight teeth is part of having a healthy smile for life. Getting braces can be an adjustment and care should be taken during those first few days to allow your teeth to adapt to the treatment. You’ll likely be a little sore and wonder what your dietary options are. Here are the best foods to eat with your brand-new braces!

Yogurt and Smoothies

At first it’ll probably be soothing to have something cool on your mouth, so yogurt and smoothies are a great choice! You can opt for regular yogurt or coconut or almond milk yogurt if you’re dairy-free—either option works for breakfast or a snack while you’re adjusting to your braces. You can also make smoothies with frozen fruit and leafy greens in there to get some vegetables in during those first few days. Smoothies are easy to drink and feel soothing on your smile!

Steamed Vegetables

Once you’re feeling like you can chew a little more, steam some vegetables! Steaming vegetables makes them soft and much easier to eat—just be sure you steam them long enough that they’re almost mushy for your easy consumption. Great vegetables to steam in those first few days include cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and carrots.

Fruits That Are Soft

Some firm fruits like apples and pears should be avoided during the adjustment period with your new braces. However, other fruits like bananas make a fantastic option and tend to be easy to consume. You may also choose to eat kiwi, peaches, oranges, or mango. Be sure the fruits are ripened, as unripe fruits can be hard and not contain as many nutrients as their ripened counterparts!


While some breads and bread products can be hard (think baguettes and croutons), softer breads can be an excellent choice while adjusting to your new braces. Breakfast bread items like pancakes and muffins can be easy to eat and enjoy, while soft flour tortillas are easier to eat than hard ones. You’ll likely want to avoid toast and sandwiches with meats such as beef that are difficult to chew on there—but a tuna fish sandwich should be easy enough to enjoy!


Fried or even hard-boiled eggs can be easy to eat with your new braces. Eggs make a great snack or breakfast option and can provide protein and vitamins and minerals to help your mouth adjust. You could even try egg salad on soft bread or scrambled eggs—there are many possibilities for this food option!


Summer and winter soups are extremely easy to eat and should contain mostly vegetables, as tough meats should be avoided those first few days with braces. Vegetable soup, vegetarian chili, chicken noodle soup, and tomato soup are all excellent options in those first days.

Adjusting to your new braces will take time, but you can adjust easily by following your orthodontist’s instructions for caring for your braces and eating softer foods. Take a trip to the grocery store either before or after you get your new braces to stock up on these items. You’ll be glad you did!

The Best Foods to Eat with Your Brand-New Braces
Article Name
The Best Foods to Eat with Your Brand-New Braces
Whether you need a few tweaks or are in for a few years of treatment, care for your braces by following your orthodontist’s instructions and eating these foods!