What Are the Benefits of 3D Dental X-Rays?

3D dental x-rays use what’s called cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to provide your
dentist with a more comprehensive view of your smile compared to 2D x-rays.

3D x-rays provide dental professionals with the option to create hundreds of x-ray images from
just one simple scan of your mouth. Your dentist can zoom in on a tiny area, or get a larger yet
detailed picture of your entire smile.

What benefits do 3D dental x-rays provide to oral healthcare professionals and patients alike?

Better Planning for a More Effective Treatment

3D dental x-rays allow your dentist to get a clear, complete picture of your smile. These x-rays
especially beneficial for treatments such as:

Orthodontics. Your orthodontist is better able to evaluate your unique tooth structure
and alignment in addition to how the teeth fit together.

Dental implants. 3D dental x-rays allow oral surgeons to see precisely where to put the
implant for the best results.

Root canal therapy. Endodontists benefit from the use of 3D x-rays to better perform
your root canal procedure.

TMJ disorder treatment. Dental professionals can better understand how the jaw and
teeth fit together to introduce an effective treatment plan to the patient.

Through giving your oral healthcare professionals a better picture of your smile than traditional
x-rays alone, they’re better able to plan a more accurate and effective treatment for you.

Increased Communication and Understanding

In a 2D x-ray, it’s not always easy to convey to our patients exactly what’s going on. 2D x-rays
provide limited views whereas a 3D digital x-ray tends to be easier to understand due to the
totality and detail of the picture.

This clearer picture enables dentists to more effectively explain the patient’s diagnosis and
show them the problem on an advanced image of their own smile. A 3D image is more realistic
and comprehensible as opposed to a fixed 2D image.

Patients are also able to make more informed decisions when it comes to treatment plans
thanks to 3D digital x-rays. A 3D x-ray can open up doctor and patient communication so they
can come to a treatment plan that both parties feel good about.

The New Standard of Dental Care

Although 3D dental x-rays are considered standard for procedures such as the placement of
dental implants, root canal therapy, and even orthodontics, these efficient x-rays are fast
becoming the norm for many segments of oral healthcare.

Since these x-rays can capture a panoramic view of the mouth with just a single image, the
need for retakes is minimized, therefore exposing patients to less radiation. 3D dental x-rays
have benefits that outshine those of 2D, making them the new standard of dental care.

Although not all offices are using 3D dental x-rays for every procedure yet, your dentist will
almost certainly use these x-rays for dental implants and other forms of oral surgery or
reconstructive therapy. With more effective treatment plans and a better picture, these x -rays
are highly beneficial for patients and doctors alike!

What Are the Benefits of 3D Dental X-Rays?
Article Name
What Are the Benefits of 3D Dental X-Rays?
What benefits do 3D dental x-rays provide to oral healthcare professionals and patients alike?