What to Expect with Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is a popular practice for a variety of reasons—a professional is by your side the entire time, the process usually takes only an hour, and your teeth look gorgeous and bright for years after this simple treatment!

With Zoom! teeth whitening from Philips, you can enjoy all the benefits of a megawatt smile at your dentist office or opt to get custom trays to do your teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home. Zoom! teeth whitening is custom for your smile as well as your preferences. What can you expect from the professional teeth whitening Zoom! offers at your local dentist office?

A Professional Consultation

Before you receive Zoom! professional teeth whitening services, you’ll have a consultation at your dentist’s office to evaluate your smile and receive a professional cleaning. A professional cleaning helps to remove surface stains to reveal the true brightness of your teeth before the Zoom! whitening takes place. This helps your dentist to see how mild or severe your stains are and which level of treatment you’ll need.

You and your dentist will also discuss your cosmetic dentistry goals—if veneers or bridges are needed, whitening is best done before the procedure so that your new cosmetic work will reflect your brightest smile possible!

Immediate Results for a Bright Smile

Once you schedule an appointment for Zoom! professional whitening, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your smile can change. Zoom! can get your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in as little as 45 minutes during your appointment! Zoom! is safer and more effective than the take-home kits you often find over-the-counter at your local store, as some of these kits can take weeks to work and overuse of them can strip your enamel.

Choose to get your bright smile faster and safely with a professional treatment. These results are customized for your preferred shade of brightness, so whether you’d like to have a dramatic difference in your smile or just a subtle one, Zoom! can accommodate your needs!

The Procedure

You could opt for custom take-home trays with Zoom! professional teeth whitening, but many times patients find an in-office whitening to be faster and more convenient. During the procedure at your dentist’s office, your gums and lips will be protected with a cover while your teeth remain exposed. Zoom! uses a hydrogen peroxide gel-like solution that works with a special light. This light helps the gel to penetrate your enamel and remove stains to reveal your true smile. Three sessions of 15 minutes are done while you relax and look forward to your new white smile. This makes the treatment take a total of just 45 minutes!

Caring for Your New White Teeth

After the procedure is done, you’ll receive a kit from Zoom! that allows you to touch-up your smile at home with custom trays. This will help you to maintain your perfectly white smile and encourage you to keep your teeth looking great. As always, brushing and flossing is vital to maintaining a beautiful smile, and regular check-ups and cleanings can prolong the gorgeous white of your Zoom! professional teeth whitening.

Ask your local dentist about Zoom! professional teeth whitening in order to get the smile of your dreams in under an hour! Zoom! is used by millions of Americans and professional dental practices to achieve the brightest smile in the shortest amount of time possible. Consider Zoom! for your next teeth whitening!

What to Expect with Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening
Article Name
What to Expect with Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening
Ask your local dentist about Zoom! professional teeth whitening in order to get the smile of your dreams in under an hour!