Correcting Your Overbite

An overbite is often most noticeable when a person smiles because the upper front teeth overlap the lower teeth excessively. An overbite is a type of dental malocclusion which is the term that dentists use for teeth that do mesh correctly. An overbite or other misalignment can cause problems with chewing and can also place excess stress on the jaws and joints. Uncorrected, an overbite can cause tooth enamel to wear down, and can cause injury to the teeth and gum tissues depending on the severity of the overbite.

Most overbites can be corrected with regular braces (clear or metal) or clear aligners such as Invisalign. Clear aligners or Invisalign are not as visible as metal or clear brackets and can also be removed for oral hygiene whereas brackets are fixed for the duration of treatment. Patients are given special instructions on how to brush and floss with metal or clear brackets. For growing patients, there are other appliances that may promote the growth of the lower jaw or reposition it to decrease the discrepancy and resolve the overbite.

If the overbite is severe and is related to poor jaw position in an adult, jaw surgery is the best and sometimes only method for correction. Your orthodontist will recommend the best treatment plan for your dental malocclusion. The goal is to reposition the jaw bones to an ideal facial balance and correct your bite relationship. Your general dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon will coordinate treatment to help you achieve the most ideal result.

An overbite is corrected when the upper and lower teeth fit correctly and the chewing forces are evenly distributed over all of the teeth. Your teeth, gums and bones will function correctly and remain healthy throughout your life, plus you will enjoy a beautiful smile.

As with our the approach of our practices, Lansdowne Orthodontics and Glow Orthodontics in Northern Virginia, discuss with your orthodontist the multiple options they provide to achieve an ideal result for your overbite in optimal treatment time.