Floss Like You Mean It

Many people don’t like to floss, but the problem might be that they are using the wrong type of floss. Choosing the right floss can eliminate many of the problems that people encounter while flossing, and make flossing much easier and more pleasant. Incorrectly flossing does not do your teeth much good, so understanding how to floss correctly is also important. If you have trouble with flossing, read through the following tips to make it easier, more pleasant and more effective.

Dental floss is available in waxed or unwaxed form. Both are equal at removing food particles between the teeth, and waxed floss is much easier to use. Unwaxed floss tends to get stuck and it can shred, so for most people, waxed floss is the better choice.

Thicker floss is better than fine floss, because cleans better and is gentler on your gums. You can also use flavored floss to freshen your breath and make the experience of flossing more pleasant.

Floss picks are great for flossing on-the-go, and they may help to reach areas in the back of your mouth.

To floss effectively, always wash your hands before flossing. When you use standard floss (not a floss pick) your fingers are going to touch your mouth, so if your fingers aren’t clean you’ll be counteracting a lot of the good the flossing is doing.

To floss all your teeth, you should use about 18 inches of floss. When you finish one tooth, roll the floss with your hand to get a clean section for the next tooth. Don’t forget to floss the back sides of each tooth as you’re going.

You should brush your teeth before you floss, for about two minutes. If you can’t floss after every meal or even twice a day, at least floss once a day, and do it at night. You have more saliva flow during the hours that you are awake, which helps to wash away bacteria that would otherwise be left to build up while you sleep.

For optimum oral health, make sure to visit your dentist often for routine cleanings and preventative care.

Floss Like You Mean It
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Floss Like You Mean It
You have probably heard that you should be brushing and your flossing your teeth at least twice a day to maintain optimum oral health.