Which mouthwash is better for oral health and better smiles?

You might think that water is sufficient for rinsing the mouth after you brush your teeth. However, if you want to rid the mouth of bacteria that brushing alone might not reach, then use an antibacterial mouthwash. There are some products that dentists recommend over others because of their quality.

The top rated mouthwash by dentists is Listerine. Although it might leave a slight burning sensation in the mouth, it is one of the best for fighting gum disease and decay. The reason that it is highly recommended is because of the alcohol content. A mouthwash with alcohol has a small amount. It is used to disguise the taste of some other ingredients, and it can help kill bacteria faster than some rinses that don’t have alcohol. Listerine does make a sensitive rinse for those who don’t want the alcohol. There are several variations in the line of products such as Total Care and Total Care plus Whitening.

BreathRX is another rinse that is highly recommended to not only fight gum disease but combat bad breath. This is a product that is alcohol-free, so it doesn’t leave that burning sensation that you might not like. It doesn’t contain fluoride either, so it does not do as well with cavity protection as some other products. ACT is a popular rinse that comes in various flavors. There is also a line for children with fun characters and colors so that they want to rinse after brushing. It is a rinse that helps fight tooth decay while strengthening the enamel. ACT also kills bad breath germs. If you are looking for something basic, then try Scope. This is a product that has been around for several years. While it does reduce the growth of bacteria, there is no fluoride that helps to combat cavities.

After you brush your teeth, there is still about 75 percent of the mouth that is not clean. Dentists recommend using an antibacterial mouthwash in order to kill the germs and bacteria that brushing won’t get. Although you can rinse your mouth with some products instead of brushing if you are in a hurry, it is not recommended to only use a mouthwash to continually clean your teeth and gums.

When consider which brand of mouthwash to use, discuss options with your dentist and take that extra step to complement regular brushing and help promote optimal oral health.