Treatment Options for Replacing Missing Back Teeth

Since the back teeth aren’t usually visible while speaking or smiling, many people who are
missing back teeth feel they don’t need a replacement. However, missing teeth of any kind can
disrupt your smile.

When a tooth is missing, the other teeth will shift to compensate for the loss. This means your
entire smile is subject to change as the result of one missing tooth. Replacing any missing back
teeth you may have is essential to retaining the structure and function of your smile.

What are your treatment options for replacing missing back teeth?

Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, it’s hard to top dental implants. Dental implants are
secure, functional, and are the most natural replacements to your missing teeth available

Dental implants
consist of a titanium post that’s allowed to fuse naturally with your jawbone.
Once this process is complete, a dental crown is placed on the end. Although your dental crown
will eventually need to be replaced, your dental implant should last for life.

For missing back teeth, dental implants make an excellent choice because of their durability.
The back molars are an integral part of chewing food. Dental implants are up to the challenge
and make healthy lifetime replacements for your missing back teeth that require minimal
additional maintenance.

Dental Bridge

You also have the option of having a fixed dental bridge in place for your back teeth. A dental
bridge will rely on two adjacent teeth in order to support the bridge, so these teeth will need to
have a tiny amount of tooth enamel removed in order to place the bridge and provide the
proper support.

A dental bridge enables you to replace any teeth that are missing in a row in order to effectively
support your smile and experience better function. You can talk with your dentist about
whether or not a fixed dental bridge is the right treatment option for your missing back teeth.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is designed to only replace one or a few teeth. It can affix to the neighboring
teeth in order to provide you with an either removable or non-removable option for your
missing back teeth.

For missing back teeth, partial dentures offer you the option of restoring your ability to chew
and speak without investing in a more permanent placement option. Partial dentures will need
to be adjusted over time and will also require daily cleaning and maintenance in order to
remain effective and healthy teeth replacements!

Replacing your missing back teeth is essential to having a healthy smile. Schedule a consultation
with your dentist today to discuss your options for replacing any missing back teeth you may be
missing. Your professional dentist can review the options with you so that you can make your
best choice!