What Can Be Done to Correct ‘Crowding of the Teeth’?

Usually, this condition results from a mismatch of teeth and jaws such as large teeth erupting in an undersized jaw. Why does this condition need to be addressed, and what can be done to correct it?

The primary reason that most people want to address crowded teeth is because they do not like to smile when their teeth are rotated and misaligned. Unfortunately, this is the least of the worries for a person with crowded teeth. In fact, misaligned teeth simply do not function or “bite” correctly and make it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene.

For instance, floss may be difficult to thread between the teeth. Tooth brushing is difficult when teeth overlap one another. Dental decay may result in the hard to brush and floss areas. Decay left untreated may very likely lead to gum disease. As the problem worsens, it can lead to loss of teeth, pain, difficulty chewing, gum disease, bad breath, etc.

Orthodontic treatment is the key to correcting crowded teeth. Braces can realign teeth allowing for correct bite and proper oral hygiene. An orthodontist will evaluate how best to achieve alignment of teeth and provide one or more options. Unfortunately, there may be circumstances in which extraction of permanent teeth is required to obtain a stable, ideal result. Extraction of teeth is a very serious consideration, selected after careful deliberation and as the only option to correct the bite.

In some cases, the crowding problem is a defect in the jawbone. If the jaw is simply too small to support a full mouth of teeth, then growth modification treatment is appropriate for growing patients. In adults, jaw surgery may be necessary to correct jaw discrepancies.

The correction of serious crowding of the teeth allows for proper dental care keeping teeth and gums healthy. Frequently without any other serious measures, braces alone may resolve crowding – improving alignment of teeth, bite relationship, chewing efficiency and tooth to lip relationship – your smile!

At Lansdowne Orthodontics, we provide each patient with multiple options to achieve an ideal result in optimal treatment time. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care. Our reputation depends on our good work and your good word.

Article Name
What Can Be Done to Correct ‘Crowding of the Teeth'?
Crowding of the teeth occurs when the teeth have inadequate space to erupt, teeth are too close together and sometimes rotated or behind one another.