Dental Health Myths: Exposed!

Many people hear the following myths and assume them to be true. Exposing some of these myths could help you to better care for your oral health and to seek treatment you’ve been putting off for a long time. Have you heard of any of the following myths? We’re exposing them!

Myth: Professional Teeth Whitening Damages Your Enamel

A professional teeth whitening procedure by your dentist will not damage your enamel. The peroxide concentration is only on your teeth for a short period of time and your dentist will use a special light to speed up the process. Your dentist ensures your teeth and mouth are safe throughout the process. However, if you use at-home whitening kits, you may be putting yourself at risk for enamel loss. This is because using these kits frequently can actually strip your enamel. Only use under the guidance of your dentist!

Myth: No Cavities Means Perfect Dental Health

Just because you don’t have any cavities in your mouth doesn’t mean your smile is in perfect condition. Although cavities are a common sign of tooth decay, you could still have plaque and tartar, gum disease, and other oral health problems.

Get regular checkups with your dentist. Not having any cavities is great, but skipping your checkup with your dentist because you don’t see any could be putting your mouth at risk for other oral health problems that you aren’t aware about.

Myth: Baby Teeth Aren’t Important

Some parents think that because their child’s baby teeth will fall out eventually, there’s no reason to be concerned about tooth decay in baby teeth. This isn’t true, and your child’s baby teeth are important for the development of their adult teeth.

The roots of baby teeth help adult teeth to form and come into place. They also, of course, help your child to speak and chew properly. Childhood is a crucial time to encourage and nurture healthy oral care habits, and baby teeth are the perfect place to start!

Myth: I Don’t Eat that Much Sugar

Sugar is corrosive to your enamel, can feed the bacteria that cause bad breath, and create an acidic environment in your mouth that leads to tooth decay. You may think you don’t eat that much sugar, but consider that foods and drinks such as yogurts, sports drinks, and even salad dressings can contain unreasonable amounts of sugar. When it comes to sugar, always check the label. Although prepackaged foods won’t always be forthcoming about their sugar content, their nutrition label is required to be. Stick to whole foods that encourage dental health, not sabotage it!

Myth: I’m too Old for Braces

Although many people get braces as teens, this is not the only time to correct dental problems! Braces are for adults too, and there’s no limit on the age that you can get braces. Braces correct many oral health problems such as bite issues and overcrowded teeth and can help you no matter your age!

Now that you’ve seen some of these common dental health myths exposed, take the best care of your oral health! Baby teeth and diet matter, checkups are important even if no cavities are present, and sugar loves to hide in certain foods. And remember—you’re never too old for braces!

Dental Health Myths: Exposed!
Article Name
Dental Health Myths: Exposed!
Many people hear the following myths and assume them to be true. Exposing some of these myths could help you to better care for your oral health!