Laser Dentistry for Revolutionary Results

Laser dentistry is becoming a widely used practice and is helping many patients seek dental treatment that they would have previously avoided due to dental anxiety. Not only is laser dentistry safe, but oftentimes patients need no anesthesia for its use and the benefits allow for a faster healing time and minimally invasive procedure.

What is laser dentistry used for and what are its benefits?

Applications for Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be used for many different procedures by your dentist. The laser can effectively remove tooth decay, therefore easily prepping a tooth for a filling. It can also help dentists conduct a deep cleaning, as we often see necessary with patients who have gum disease. The laser helps to remove the inflamed gum tissue and provides your dentist the opportunity to better restore your smile by aiding with the cleaning process.

Laser dentistry has also been used for gum disease to help control the bacteria in patients’ mouths. Lasers are very effective at reducing bad bacteria and helping your mouth to heal. Dentists have been using laser dentistry for root canal treatments as well. Lasers help to properly clean the infection out of your tooth’s root and therefore allow for more success when treating your infection and helping you to heal afterwards.

Laser dentistry is also used to speed up tooth whitening in your dentist office, therefore reducing the amount of time the peroxide bleaching solution sits on your teeth and further protecting your enamel. Laser dentistry will likely be used for even more applications in the future!

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are numerous benefits of laser dentistry which attract both dentists wanting to become more experienced in conducting the procedure and patients. There’s often no drill needed and patients find the experience to be more comfortable and pleasant. Lasers also allow your dentist to be more precise and to minimize damage done to other tissues during your procedure.

Lasers allow patients to have a faster healing time as a result of this and minimal issues post-surgery. Lasers can even be used to help control bleeding during your procedure, therefore enhancing the level of precision your dentist is able to exercise and helping you to enjoy a faster healing time.

Where Can You Get It Done?

Not every dentist is practiced in laser dentistry; however, more and more oral health care specialists are becoming certified in laser dentistry procedures and gaining experience to better serve you. If you have concerns about laser dentistry as used in your procedure, talk with your dentist about his or her experience and credibility.

Laser dentistry is becoming a popular practice for dentists who want greater control, less bleeding, and minimal damage to oral tissues when it comes to dental procedures. Ask your dentist if laser dentistry is an option for your next procedure!

Laser Dentistry for Revolutionary Results
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Laser Dentistry for Revolutionary Results
Laser dentistry is becoming a popular practice for dentists who want greater control, less bleeding, and minimal damage to oral tissues. Find out if its right for you!