Don’t det dental anxiety prevent you from seeing the dentist

Has it been months or even years since you’ve been to a dentist? Do you want to get back into the healthy routine of getting those exams and making sure your mouth is as healthy as possible? There might be a common reason why you haven’t been to the dentist, and that is because you are afraid. It is not uncommong for people to be afraid of going to the dentist, often due to the needle used to numb the gums, a bad previous experience or due to a specific anxiety while at the appointment because of all of the tools, sounds and/or smells that are involved. Sedation dentistry, or sometimes referred to as ‘sleep dentistry.’ could be the answer you need to get you back in the dental chair and have the mouth and healthy smile that you deserve.

Dentists today provide several options for sedation dentistry, and the correct and appropriate coarse of treatment can be recommended after your initial consultation and discussion about your specific concerns and anxieties.

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

This is a common method that is used with children as well as adults. It is usually called laughing gas in the office, but the technical name is nitrous oxide. If you want something with few side effects and that has a short recovery time, then this would be your best option. It is very effective as an anesthetic drug. The gas is delivered through the nose by placing a mask over the nose. A tube runs from the mask to a tank that has the nitrous oxide. The amount of gas given can be adjusted so that you are comfortable through the entire procedure. You won’t be completely asleep, but you will be in a relaxed state so that you won’t be as aware of what the dentist is doing in your mouth. When the mask is removed, you will be instructed to take several deep breaths in order to introduce oxygen back into the body. You are generally free to leave shortly after the procedure is completed.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

One of the ways that you will be completely carefree while at the dentist is by choosing oral sedation. It is a process where you are given a pill to take the night before your appointment. This will help you sleep the night before so that you are not anxious about the procedure. When you arrive at the office, you will be given a sedative to take. While you are relaxed, the dentist will begin the procedure you are to have done. You should not drive home because you will probably feel drowsy.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Similar to oral sedation, this is a process where you will be almost completely sedated while in the office. You will have an IV started in the office, and medications will be given through the IV to help you relax. This is for those who have a severe anxiety level when it comes to going to the dentist because the effects of this sedation sometimes make you drowsier than other methods. Vital signs are monitored because of the IV.

If you have a fear of the dentist, talk to dentists in your area who offer sedation dentistry treatments to find out how they can help you.So don’t let dental fear put you office from going to the dental office, and many dentists will be more than happy to explore the options you have with sedation dentistry so that you receive the care for your teeth that you need and deserve.

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Don't det dental anxiety prevent you from seeing the dentist
Sedation dentistry, or sometimes referred to as 'sleep dentistry.' could be the answer you need to get you back in the dental chair and have the mouth and healthy smile that you deserve.