How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

A professional teeth whitening happens at your dentist’s office and gives you a complete teeth whitening in just one appointment.

People choose to professionally whiten their teeth when their teeth have accrued stains over time that a regular cleaning at the dentist office or home care habits won’t remove. Some patients may have tried take-home teeth whitening kits with mediocre results.

If you’re considering a teeth whitening procedure or have just gotten one done, you may be wondering just how long a professional teeth whitening lasts. Here’s what you should know when professionally whitening your smile!

How Long You Can Expect a Professional Whitening to Last

You can expect a professional teeth whitening to last for about two years up to ten years. It’s important to remember that the results will vary from person to person.

For example, people who neglect to take care of their teeth and consume heavy-staining foods and drinks can see their professional whitening fade in as little as a few weeks [1]. However, people who take care of their smiles can see their results last for years.

Lifestyle Habits That Can Prematurely Stain Your Smile

People who drink coffee, wine, or tea are more at risk to see their dazzling smile become dull and stained faster than those who don’t [2]. Foods that can stain your newly white smile can include tomatoes, berries, soy sauce, and potent spices such as turmeric.

In addition, people who smoke will see their white teeth rapidly deteriorate compared to those who don’t smoke or use tobacco products.

People who don’t visit their dentist will also see their smile prematurely stain. Your dentist
removes surface stains during your teeth cleaning to keep your smile white. When you neglect to visit the dentist, even the best home care habits can’t keep a smile white forever.

What Can You Do to Extend the Life of Your Bright Smile?

Just because you’ve gotten a professional teeth whitening doesn’t mean your teeth are now immune to stains. In fact, it’s more important to protect your smile now than before your whitening procedure to prolong the results!

Of course, avoiding all the foods and drinks that can stain your teeth is often out of the
question. So what can you do to prolong your professional teeth whitening?

First, visit your dentist for regular cleanings at least once a year but preferably every six months [3]. Your dentist will remove stains and can make touch-ups to keep your smile white over time. You can also drink water while consuming teeth-staining foods and drinks.

For example, when sipping a glass of wine, sip water too. When enjoying pasta with sauce, drink water with your meal. This will not only keep you hydrated—which is important for your smile also—but will help minimize tooth staining.

Although a professional teeth whitening doesn’t last forever, it can last a very long time with the right care. Ask your dentist how you can better care for your teeth after a whitening procedure and if whitening your teeth can help remove stains for a brighter you!