Sedation Dentistry: It’s Not Just For Anxiety

Sedation dentistry has become more and more popular throughout recent years. It seems that a disproportionate fear of the dentist is common, and many can’t get work done without being unconscious. Of course, dentists are starting to see that there are more benefits to sedation dentistry than just getting an anxious person into the chair. Consider some of the following situations in which sedation dentistry is beneficial.

Gag Reflex Control

Have you ever felt like you were about to vomit while your dentist is working in your mouth? Some people simply have a stronger gag reflex than others. You may even gag when brushing your back teeth or your tongue. When you need major dental work, sedation can keep your gag reflex under control.

Keeping the Patient Comfortable

Whether the chair hurts your back and neck, or your jaw hurts from keeping it open for very long, sedation dentistry can solve the problem. You don’t necessarily have to be completely out. Nitrous oxide, for example, may simply make it easier to deal with the pain.

Getting Work Done in Fewer Appointments

One of the most frustrating things about the dentist can be having to come back for numerous appointments. This is especially true if your dentist is busy, and the appointments have to be weeks apart. Sedation dentistry may allow you to have more work done at the same time. Experiencing less discomfort allows sessions to continue longer. The result is that you can schedule fewer appointments to get all your dental work done.

Local Anesthetic Issues

Sometimes it can be tough to numb the area where dental work needs to be done. Also, people respond differently to the anesthetic. They may also not want to have a needle delivery system. All of these issues contribute to a situation where some pain is still felt. Sedation dentistry is the solution. Patients may not even have any memory of their time in the chair depending on the type of sedation used.

The Cost-Effective Solution

Not only can sedation save you time by reducing the number of appointments, but it also saves you money. You both end up paying for fewer visits, and you also take less time off from work, since dental offices are usually open during the business day.

As you can see, sedation dentistry is not just for those who are anxious about going to the dentist; it is a vital component to modern dentistry. Make an appointment with your dentist today.

Sedation Dentistry: It's Not Just For Anxiety
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Sedation Dentistry: It's Not Just For Anxiety
Sedation dentistry benefits far surpass relief from dental anxiety. Dr. Dan Kelliher of Metropolitan Dental Centre discusses the many ways that sedation dentistry has revolutionized dentistry altogether.