Two-Phase Treatment: Orthodontics for Children

Two-phase treatment allows your orthodontist to ensure a positive result from treatment by creating the right circumstances for straight teeth and a flawless smile. While many wait until a child is a preteen or a teen to think about braces, this can lead to complications that cause a less than ideal result.

Should Your Child Have Two Phase Treatment?

By age 6, it is possible to tell if there is a discrepancy between the way the upper and lower parts of the jaw are developing. By age 8, the permanent front teeth are in, and crowding can be detected. These are all signs that phase one prep work will be of benefit.

How the First Phase Provides Benefits

The first phase sets your child’s jaw and teeth up to be as straight as possible and to accept braces later if needed. This prevents more drastic measures from being necessary later on. For example, some teens have to have permanent teeth in the back of the mouth removed to make room for getting rid of an overbite. Prepping the mouth ahead of time by controlling the way the jaw and teeth grow can have a tremendous effect on the result. This is due to there being room to correct an overbite without losing permanent teeth. Why choose between your child having straight teeth and having all of his or her teeth? Also, a jaw that develops incorrectly can require surgery to correct later on. Treating the condition as the jaw grows can avoid such a future event.

How the Proper Results Are Attained

Once the first phase is complete, it still takes time to see the results. The rest of the permanent teeth grow in, and the jaw develops fully. Sometimes the eruption of permanent teeth is obstructed by primary teeth. These “baby teeth” can be removed at the appropriate time to ensure that permanent teeth grow in easily and as straight as possible.

The Second Phase: Achieving the Desired Result

Now braces are used, if necessary, to align the teeth perfectly. A retainer can be developed to ensure that teeth remain in a straight position. The result is a smile that has been crafted from childhood to adulthood. A smile that will serve your child well throughout his or her adult years.

From never being ashamed to smile for the camera to making a good first impression on an interview, we can’t underestimate the benefits of a perfect smile. Two-phase orthodontic treatment removes the element of chance and produces a picture perfect smile.