What Can You Eat After a Root Canal?

Getting a root canal allows you to save your natural tooth to avoid getting a replacement.
Whether due to trauma or decay, a root canal procedure will be similar to getting a filling and
you’ll need to follow your dentist’s instructions for caring for your tooth afterward.

Eating the right foods can help accelerate healing of your restoration and avoid unnecessary
discomfort, or worse, damage to your newly-restored tooth. It’s understandable that you’d be
worried about what you can eat after a root canal.

Being prepared with the following dietary guidelines can help your root canal heal as fast as

Avoid Hard, Sticky, or Chewy Foods

After getting your root canal done, you’ll want to avoid eating anything until the numbness
from your procedure fully wears off. When you do reach for food, try to chew on the opposite
side of your mouth while your restoration is healing.

Make note to avoid foods that are hard, sticky, or chewy for at least the first few days. These
don’t just include sweet foods like gum or candy. Even hard breads and some fresh foods such
as raw apples and carrots should be avoided.

Ice and nuts are also off-limits while your tooth is healing. Research shows that food can
influence the possibility of an infection after root canal therapy, so eating the right foods
absolutely helps [1]!

Exercise Caution with Foods That Contribute to Tooth Sensitivity

Some people may experience some tooth sensitivity following root canal therapy.

If you have a history of tooth sensitivity, your dentist might have you avoid overly hot, cold,
spicy, or sweet foods. These are all foods that have the potential to bother your new
restoration while it’s healing.

If you experience extreme sensitivity when eating after your root canal procedure, contact your
dentist to follow up with your discomfort.

Great Soft Foods You Can Enjoy

Following your root canal procedure, it’s a good idea to stick with softer foods. Eating soft foods
can give your mouth time to heal and avoid any potential damage to your tooth.

These foods could include:

 Protein in the form of fish, eggs, tofu, oats, or beans
 Fruits such as banana, mangoes, and peaches
 Snacks such as applesauce, yogurt, or smoothies

You can plan ahead of time to ensure you have plenty of foods available in your home or at
work to eat so you’re not tempted to eat off-limits foods while your smile is healing.

Remember to contact your dentist should you have any questions after your root canal or if
you’re not sure what you’re experiencing is normal. Severe pain, swelling, or bleeding after
your appointment may require additional medical attention [2].

When it comes to healing after a root canal procedure, what you can eat can make a big
difference. Simply by exercising caution after your procedure when eating, you can avoid pain,
sensitivity, and speed up the healing process!

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