Which drinks can dull or stain your smile?

Have you ever noticed that after you drink that tall glass of something sweet that your teeth have a hint of the same color? This is because there are some drinks that can stain the teeth more than others. As many of us want to maintain a bright white smile, it’s important to note which drinks we consume regularly have a higher impact on the dulling or staining of our smile.

Coffee is one of the leading drinks that can stain the teeth, especially when you drink it black. One of the ways that you can help decrease the staining is to add a small amount of milk. This will also give you a dose of Vitamin D for the day which can help keep the teeth strong. Tea is another culprit because of the tannins in the beverage. If you must have that ice cold glass, then consider teas that are lighter in color such as green tea. Avoid those that are dark because these have more tannins.

Wine can be healthy for the body such as the heart, but it can also stain the teeth. White wine is a good option instead of red if you want to drink a glass with an evening meal or for a special event.  After you drink a glass of red wine, give those around you a smile to see if they notice that pink hue on your pearly whites. However, red wine can help reduce inflammation that causes gum disease.

Dark sodas are notorious for staining the teeth and giving that yellow color. When you drink a soda, you probably drink it cold. The cold will make the teeth porous, allowing more of the color to absorb in the teeth. The acids in the sodas will also eat away at the enamel. If you don’t brush your teeth frequently after drinking sodas, then the acids can promote decay of the teeth. Kool-Aid and other sugary drinks that children might find fun to drink can stain the teeth as well.

While you might think that you have to stop drinking your favorite beverages, you can rest assured that a dentist can help. If you notice the color on your teeth is not going away after brushing, and over the counter teeth whitening kits aren’t delivering on their promises, then ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening. This is a whitening process that can give you that gorgeous smile again with minimal treatment.

Article Name
Which drinks can dull or stain your smile?
It's important to know which drinks we consume regularly have a higher impact on the dulling or staining of our smile.