Is Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment Right for My Child?

Two Phase orthodontic treatment means that your child’s orthodontist believes it’s best if your child receives two separate treatments of orthodontic care to properly treat any present or future issues. This type of care will usually help take care of problems with your child’s mouth early on and set up a beautiful and healthy mouth for your child’s adult teeth. Not every child will need Two Phase orthodontic treatment, however, and each phase differs according to your child’s unique needs! How can you know if Two Phase orthodontic treatment is right for your child?

If Problems Need to Be Treated Before Braces—Phase One

Braces aren’t always used during Phase One. Phase One is typically the time to correct bites, make room for your child’s permanent teeth, and set up a healthy environment for the adult teeth to come in. Phase One treatment is used when your child still has most of his or her baby teeth. Phase One allows your orthodontist to maximize success for your child’s orthodontic treatment! This phase usually happens while your child is still young (around age 8 or 9) and will be followed by a “resting” period in which your child’s adult teeth will be allowed to come in.

Completing Treatment with Phase Two

Phase Two completes the treatment that was started in Phase One of your child’s orthodontic care. This treatment tends to be faster because much of the work will have already been completed in Phase One. Phase Two is usually competed using traditional braces on the top and bottom rows of teeth which help to guide the permanent adult teeth into their respected spaces and finish your child’s gorgeous smile. Treatment will vary for each child, but the average time is around two years to complete Phase Two.

Your Child May Need Two Phase Treatment

Each child is different and not every child will need Two Phase orthodontic treatment. It’s recommended that your child visit an orthodontist by age 7. This will allow your orthodontist to determine if Two Phase treatment is necessary. Two Phase treatment may be right for your child if you notice the following symptoms or signs:

– Complex bite issues, especially crossbite or a deep overbite

– Crowded teeth at an early age

– Protruding teeth

Depending on your child and their special smile, they may or may not need Two Phase orthodontic treatment. Phase One is intended to build a strong and successful foundation for your child’s adult teeth to come in, while Phase Two will provide the finishing touches and guide your child’s adult teeth into their permanent positions.

Two Phase orthodontic treatment won’t be necessary for every patient, however, it does have many advantages for patients for whom it is necessary. Your orthodontist can effectively prevent many problems from occurring, help boost your child’s self esteem, and complete Phase Two in a timely manner all by properly planning your child’s care. Seek a consultation for your child’s orthodontic treatment today!

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