Professional Teeth Whitening: The Ultimate Choice for a Brighter Smile

Wanting whiter teeth is something more and more people have been pursuing the last few years. Many dental hygiene companies offer over-the- counter options for getting your teeth whiter. Although these alternatives seem cost-friendly, they’re really no match for a professional whitening at your dentist’s office. Here’s why a professional teeth whitening is your ultimate choice for a brighter smile!

Remove Deep Stains

At-home kits can’t take away stains that are below the surface level. Many people have deeper stains in their enamel which will require professional treatment to erase. When you try at-home kits, the best they can do is remove surface stains. This unfortunately still leaves the deeper stains on your teeth and may result in uneven whitening.

Protect Sensitive Teeth

If your teeth are sensitive, this is because some of your enamel has been damaged and is likely missing. This means parts of your teeth are exposed to extreme temperatures and may hurt or feel as though they’re stinging when you eat hot or cold foods. When you have sensitive teeth, getting a whitening is often challenging. This is because at-home kits may remove some of your enamel, especially if they’re not used as directed. When you want whiter teeth but also have sensitive teeth, a professional whitening is best. Your dentist can evaluate your tooth enamel and customize your whitening treatment to minimize any discomfort you’d experience after a traditional whitening.

Get Long-Lasting Results

Whitening kits often take some time to show results and also don’t last as long a professional whitening. The trays in over-the- counter kits are also not custom made for your smile, therefore increasing the chances that the whitening agent will irritate your gum tissue or result in uneven brightening throughout your smile. When you get a professional whitening with your dentist, you achieve long-lasting, effective results. When you’re able to remove deep stains and completely whiten your smile, you get a brighter, whiter smile with no damage!

Takes Less Time and Money

Although at-home kits are cheaper now, they take much longer to work. You’ll need to keep buying whitening kits to see the results you want over time. This leads to many people abusing the whitening kits to achieve a whiter smile, faster. Unfortunately, this can damage enamel and gum tissue when the kits are used this way.

A professional whitening takes significantly less time than the store-bought kits and will save you money over time. Most whitenings can be done in about an hour at your local dentist office. You’ll also not need to waste any more time or money on buying kits that produce subpar results. Get one professional whitening and see dramatic results in just an hour!

When you take advantage of professional whitening services through your dentist, you get results that at-home kits have trouble matching. You can remove deep stains, protect sensitive teeth, and save time and money with long-lasting results. Talk to your dentist about a professional whitening to get the bright smile you’ve been dreaming of!