If Adults think orthodontic braces are only for kids, think again.

Misaligned or crooked smiles are conditions experienced as much as by adults as well as children, though many adults are skeptical about getting braces because they don’t want to have to walk around with a ‘metal’ smile. However, new innovations have been made in orthodontic care that have revolutionized the way that people get braces, and not multiple treatment options are available. Adults don’t necessarily have to undergo traditional metal braces to receive treatment for misaligned teeth anymore. There are other more aesthetically-pleasing options nowadays offered by orthodontists who treat adults, and orthodontists in your area can discuss the treatment plan that is best for correcting your smile, and which is most accomodating for your lifestyle.

Some of the treatment options for adults to straighten their smiles include:

Clear Orthodontic Braces

Clear braces are a popular choice for adults because they are exactly as their name implies: braces that are clear. Therefore, they aren’t as unsightly as traditional metal braces. There are numerous types of clear braces, but they all feature the same basic benefits. They allow you to get the beautiful smile that you’re always wanted without the discomfort of regular braces and without you having to undergo tightening of braces every week or two. Instead, clear braces usually consist of a series of aligners that move your teeth invisibly without anyone even knowing that you have braces.

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Damon Orthodontic Braces

Damon braces are a popular type of clear braces. They employ high technology archwires and tieless braces to move teeth quickly and comfortably. The results that Damon braces offers people can be dramatic, as they allow people to get the smiles that they want discretely, and they also take into account the shape of your face, your profile, what you will look like into your 40s, 50s, and older. The way that Damon braces works is by utilizing a slide mechanism to maintain the archwires in their brackets while still allowing them to move freely. The sliding mechanism reduces any friction and binding so the teeth are permitted to move more quickly and comfortably than they would otherwise.

With Damon braces many patients can begin to see these results with their smile in as little as 10 weeks.

damon braces beforedamon braces after







Lingual or Inside the Teeth Braces

Lingual, or inside the teeth braces, are similar to traditional braces except that they are hidden inside your teeth. Rather than the braces being placed on the outside of your teeth, they are placed on the inside where they work in the same manner as they would if they were on the outside. Yet, because they are on the inside of your teeth, nobody even knows that you have braces. Discreet and effective.

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Clear Retainers

Clear retainers are popular ways for adults to get their teeth straightened as well. One of the most popular brands in clear retainers is Invisalign. Clear retainers are designed and modeled specifically for a certain individual’s teeth. They allow you to achieve a straighter smile over time without anyone being any the wiser that you have braces, and they can be easily removed.

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From this overview you can see that modern orthodontic care presents adults with difference treatment options, which provide less discomfort and more convenience to accomodate your lifestyle. The treatment option that is best for you depends upon your individual circumstances and personal preference. If you have been putting off orthodontic care as an adult, discuss the alternatives to traditional metal braces that are available with your orthodontist, and get the smile you want.

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If Adults think orthodontic braces are only for kids, think again.
Adult orthodontic care now offers multiple convenient and less visible treatment options to help straighten your smile.