Discovering Today’s Modern Cosmetic Dentures

Today’s cosmetic dentures are not your grandfather’s dentures….

Sets of false teeth or dentures were worn as early as 2,000 years ago. Dentures worn generations ago looked like blocks of chalk-colored teeth resting on bright pink unnatural gums. Removable replacement teeth, otherwise known as full or partial dentures, were held in place with messy adhesives.

However, today’s dentures are made from realistic looking teeth designed to produce a life-like appearance with the placement of each tooth one at a time in an individual’s mouth. The primary goal of modern dentistry is to restore a patient’s mouth to function normally and comfortably while eating and talking. Restoration of good oral health is essential to overcoming the negative effects of tooth diseases or injury. Dentists are introducing alternative treatments to older patients that include alternative denture methods to reconstruct teeth on top of implants that are not removable.

Today’s modern dentures are more comfortable to wear and are made from higher quality materials that include fiberglass, metal, acrylic or a combination of any of these three materials. Dentures can be an effective option to resolve patient problems that may arise from missing teeth. These problems include inability to chew food, wrinkled facial appearance due to sinking lips and cheeks that make a person look ancient, poor speech and misaligned teeth.

[media-credit id=3 align=”alignleft” width=”350″]Complete_Denture wiki[/media-credit]A complete or full denture replaces all the natural teeth and provides the needed support for sagging lips and cheeks. A partial denture replaces some teeth, and your dentist will remove remaining teeth prior to making the dentures. Conventional dentures are inserted after the gum tissue has healed after several months. Immediate dentures are made from jaw measurements taken during a patient’s preliminary visit and inserted after the dentist removes the remaining teeth. With immediate dentures, patients can eliminate the wait time for gum tissue to heal before receiving the immediate dentures. 

So modern dentistry offers cosmetic treatments with dentures that will likely exceed your expectations, as dentures today can be radically different from ones delivered years ago. So learn about what today’s cosmetic dentures can do for your smile by discussing treatment options with your dentist.
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Discovering Today’s Modern Cosmetic Dentures
Today’s modern cosmetic dentures are made from realistic looking teeth designed to produce a life-like appearance.