Hollywood’s Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Everyone wants a beautiful smile that both looks natural yet has a sparkle to it. When it comes
to Hollywood, your favorite actors and actresses typically aren’t born with the stunning smiles
that they have. Most of these celebrities have had some cosmetic dental work to give them the
dazzling smile they have today.

What are some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments in Hollywood? The following
are some options to upgrade your smile to look just like your favorite people in Los Angeles!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Even those who are born with naturally straight teeth have had a little help. One of the most
popular cosmetic dentistry options is a professional teeth whitening, which enhances the
beauty of an already straight and problem-free smile.

A professional teeth whitening procedure is available at most dental offices. You’re able to
customize your level of whitening; from a subtle improvement to a dramatic dazzle, your
dentist can help you choose the right shade for you. A teeth whitening typically only takes an
hour and has no lasting side effects, leaving you with a camera-ready smile in just an hour!

Orthodontic Treatment

For the majority of us who weren’t blessed with naturally perfect teeth, there’s orthodontic
treatment. Before they were stars, and even some while they were stars, many of Hollywood’s
most famous people had some form of orthodontic treatment—including Tom Cruise, Angelina
Jolie, Emma Watson, and even Prince Harry.

From traditional braces to Invisalign, Hollywood knows the value of having straight teeth.
Besides an aesthetic improvement, getting your smile properly aligned sets you up for a lifetime
of oral health. Because crooked teeth can be difficult to clean and a misaligned bite can cause
chronic pain, orthodontic treatment is well worth the investment.

Dental Veneers

Many celebrities have benefited from getting dental veneers to improve their smile. Dental
veneers consist of a very thin yet strong porcelain shell that’s placed over your natural teeth.
Veneers can correct a variety of dental issues, such as:

 Deep staining that won’t respond to a professional whitening
 Teeth that have been worn down from an improper bite or teeth grinding
 Mildly crooked teeth or teeth that are pointed or oddly shaped
 Gaps in the teeth

You can also customize the color and fit of your dental veneers, making them unique to your
smile. Dental veneers are considered a permanent solution, so be sure to discuss all your
options with your dentist to determine if veneers are the right fit for you. If your smile has
more than one of the issues above, dental veneers may be the best choice to correct all these
problems with just one treatment!

Are you ready to show your best and brightest smile? Consider these most popular cosmetic
dental treatments in Hollywood to show the world what you’ve got. Your smile can benefit
from a simple whitening, get straight with orthodontics, or see a total upgrade with dental
veneers. Why wait? Discover your perfect smile today!