How Long Will My Wisdom Tooth Removal Take to Heal?

If you need to get your wisdom teeth out, don’t fret about this procedure. It’s a very common
practice that’s done for people whose wisdom teeth are causing problems or will cause them
problems in the future. Whether you have all four of your wisdom teeth or just a couple, you
might be wondering—just how long will it take to heal after the extractions?

From the day of to weeks later, here’s a general timeline you can expect for your wisdom tooth
extraction sites to heal.

Immediately After: 1-3 Days of Soreness

After the procedure, blood clots will form over the surgical site and protect your wisdom teeth
sockets until they heal. Many people choose to have their wisdom tooth extractions done on a Friday so that they can
rest the weekend. This is sound logic, as most people can generally expect about 1-3 days of
soreness following the procedure. The pain is usually controlled with medication that you’ll
receive from your dentist.

You should ideally plan at least 2 days to rest without working or any intense activity after the
procedure. This includes any moderate to intense exercise. Your oral surgeon can let you know
more about what to expect based on your particular case.

Weeks Later: On Your Way to Healing

You still need to take it easy when it comes to brushing and chewing even after the soreness
subsides and you resume your regular activities.

It could take up to 3 weeks for the softer tissues to completely heal and for your mouth to feel
close to normal again. This will vary from person to person, based on factors such as your
health, age, and if your dentist needed to remove more bone or tissue than normal during your
procedure based on the position of your wisdom teeth.

Some people may still experience soreness a week after the procedure, so don’t be alarmed. Be
sure to speak with your oral surgeon about what you should expect. There will also be signs to
look out for, such as if your pain or swelling gets worse or if you notice any signs of infection.
Always call your dentist or oral surgeon with any questions you may have!

Months Later: Bone and Tissue Rebuild

Finally, once your discomfort is gone and you can eat, drink, and brush normally, your mouth
will heal itself from the inside. Now that your surgical site is mostly healed and your sutures are
dissolved, the bone and tissue will rebuild itself and your mouth will be completely healed. This
usually takes a minimum of 6 weeks and up to 6 months.

Don’t worry—you won’t feel a thing while your body ensures that your jaw bone is totally
healed and you can enjoy life without the worry of wisdom teeth!

To sum up, you can expect roughly 3 days of mild discomfort after your procedure, with up to
2-3 weeks being normal for the inner tissues to heal. You can expect your bone and deep
tissues to completely heal after a few weeks and up to a few months. Your wisdom teeth
recovery will be much faster than you think, and you’ll be back to normal again before you
know it!