Which Foods Require Additional Flossing?

You know these foods—they wedge themselves between your teeth and stay there, waiting for
you to floss them out. Besides removing plaque from the teeth, one of the best uses for floss is
getting those annoying pieces of food out from odd places in your teeth.

The following are some of the top foods that can make you pull that floss out not just during
your regular routine, but when you need to get these little pieces out of your teeth!


Popcorn is an infamous food for getting stuck in your teeth. Although the softer parts can get
stuck in your teeth, it’s usually pieces of the kernel that can wedge themselves painfully
between your teeth and up against your gums. Be careful when removing pieces of popcorn, as
the kernels could actually cut your gums.


Raw or cooked spinach is an excellent food for your teeth. Not only does it contain calcium, but
it also contains protein, iron, and many other vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your
body. However, spinach can be pesky when it gets stuck in your teeth. Fortunately, spinach is
soft and can almost always be easily flossed out.


Caramel and toffee are two of the worst candies for your teeth. They’re sticky and tend to hang
on to your teeth, increasing the chances that you’ll experience enamel damage from these
sugary substances. If caramel or toffee gets stuck between your teeth, be diligent about flossing
it out before brushing your teeth.


While chewing pieces of steak, it’s all too easy to get this hearty substance in between your
teeth. Although not as damaging as sugar or popcorn, you should still aim to floss these pieces
out gently either before you brush your teeth or if they’re causing you pain.


Fruits such as pineapple and mango can contain stringy pieces that can easily lodge between
your pearly whites and cause irritation. Although raw fruit isn’t generally considered harmful to
teeth, you’ll still want to floss these pieces out. To help minimize pieces from getting stuck, cut
up appropriately before consuming.


Broccoli florets are one of the worst culprits for getting in your teeth. Fortunately, unless you’re
eating raw broccoli, they’re easy enough to remove and shouldn’t cause any damage. Broccoli
is a highly beneficial vegetable for both your body and your smile, so don’t let this little
annoyance about it bother you too much!

Potato Chips

Starchy vegetables such as potatoes and their processed forms including potato chips can get
stuck in your teeth. The same goes for simple starches such as white bread, which tends to be
sticky and can wedge between your teeth. These particles are simple to remove, just be sure
not to eat them too often!

Have you gotten any of these foods stuck between your teeth before? A little bit of floss goes a
long way when it comes to dislodging food and protecting your smile. Although these foods
may require extra flossing, some of them—such as fruit, spinach, and broccoli—are beneficial
to your smile!