Can Gum and Tooth Infections Go Away on Their Own?

Can Gum and Tooth Infections Go Away on Their Own?

When your body has an infection, it tries to fight it off by raising your white blood cell count to stop the invading bacteria. Bacteria that cause an infection rarely go away on their own. Typically, an infection will get worse without medical intervention.

The same is true for infections in your mouth. Infected gums or teeth can and will continue to get worse without help. Unless the infection is properly treated, you could be putting your smile in harm’s way by ignoring the infection.

Here’s why you should never wait to treat a gum or tooth infection.

Infections Will Worsen

As we just discussed, infections don’t get better on their own. In order for this to happen, the bacteria that are causing the infection need to be removed.

For example, with a gum infection, pockets of pus often begin to form around the gumline in-between the gums and your teeth. Unless this area is properly cleaned and the infection is entirely removed, it will continue to get worse. Only a professional dentist can properly clean the area and prevent the infection from coming back.

With a tooth infection, the problem could lie below the gumline. Typically, this happens when a cavity has gotten so large that the decay is now present in your tooth’s root. This allows the pulp of your tooth to become infected, which can be very painful. When this happens, you’ll need a root canal to remove the decaying pulp and save your tooth. Otherwise, the infection will continue to get worse and could even move into your gums and cause a tooth abscess.

Bacteria Can Spread to the Bloodstream

Tooth and gum infections are not something that you want to wait to treat. By the time you notice symptoms of infection, it’s likely that the infection has already gotten worse. Infections such as these can actually enter the bloodstream if they’re left to progress.

Once bacteria enter the bloodstream, it makes its way to the heart. Here, the bacteria can cause adverse health symptoms and even death. People who let tooth infections go have ended up in the hospital because the infection has entered their bloodstream. Getting treatment as soon as possible can prevent this from happening!

What Can Be Done?

If you suspect that you have a tooth or gum infection, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. A gum infection could be indicative of gum disease and will need treatment to heal. A tooth infection will eventually become very painful and could even cause the need for your tooth to be extracted.

The good news is that seeking help sooner rather than later can save your smile. These infections do not go away on their own and need the care of a professional dentist to get better. Often, the treatment is painless and your smile can be saved.

Never assume that an infection will go away. Symptoms of a tooth or gum infection include pain or swelling, a bad taste in your mouth, constant bad breath, redness, or bleeding. A simple dentist visit can tell you if you have an infection that needs treatment. Don’t wait to seek help—save your smile by getting a checkup today!