How Long Can I Expect My Dental Implants to Last?

Dental implants are quickly becoming the most popular replacement for your missing teeth.

This is because they’re sturdier than dentures, less worrisome, and look just like your natural teeth. When you choose to get dental implants to restore your smile, you’re making an investment into one of the most noticeable aspects of your appearance.

So how long can you expect your dental implants to last?

The Potential to Last for Life

Your dental implants have the potential to last for life! Dental implants have a high success rate, meaning that once they heal, they’ll likely never need to be repaired or replaced. This is because the metal post that is inserted into your jaw during the procedure is designed to effectively replace your tooth’s root.

When your dental implant is placed, your body accepts the dental implant and new bone begins to grow around the post. Once the dental implant heals in your jaw—with the proper care—your implant will remain sturdy and healthy for life!

Dental Crown Replacement

Once the metal post is inserted in your jaw and fully healed, your dentist will place a dental crown on the end. Your ceramic dental crown is designed to cover the “root” of your dental implant and protect it. A dental crown is designed to look just like your missing tooth, so no one will be able to tell the difference.

Although your actual dental implant can last for life, your dental crown will need to be replaced every so often. For some people, this is every 10-15 years. With the proper care, your dental crown has the potential to last even longer! During regular checkups, your dentist can let you know what shape your dental crown is in and when it needs to be replaced.

Proper Care for Your Implants

Just like your natural smile, dental implants need the right care. In fact, you’ll care for dental implants just as you would your natural teeth.

Following your oral surgeon’s instructions for caring for your dental implant immediately following the procedure will help you heal right up. Once the implant is healed and your crown is placed, there are a few things you can do to ensure your implant lasts for life.

You’ll need to brush and floss your dental implant just like your other teeth. Carefully flossing around your dental crown can help you to dislodge trapped food debris and plaque. Brush your dental crown gently but thoroughly. Of course, it’s imperative that you visit your dentist for regular checkups to ensure your dental implant is healthy and strong. Your dentist can also advise you of when you’ll need a crown replacement to maintain your beautiful smile!

Dental implants are an excellent choice for missing teeth. More and more patients are turning to dental implants to restore their smiles and enjoy feeling confident again. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to talk about if dental implants are right for you. Unlike other tooth replacements, dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime!